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friendly_crips's Journal

Friendly crips and our friends
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Discussing portrayals of disability
This is a place to discuss portrayals of disability. A place for many voices.

All disabilities are up for discussion whether physical, neurological, mental or emotional. All opinions and points of view are welcome from disabled people and from anybody who cares about disabled people. You don't have to be disabled to join us!

'Rules'? Who needs rules?

Be yourself and say anything you want to say. Just please don't make any personal attacks. It's up to you whether you post 'Public' or 'Members only'.

Please use LJ-cuts. This is relevant for details that some might see as 'spoilers'. It's relevant also for topics that might trigger strong emotions. Topics like hate crime, welfare benefits, severe disability and terminal illness. Do please discuss those topics if you want to - there's no censorship here! - but be considerate.

Please use tags. They let people find different topics. If you don't see the tag you want, ask and we'll make it for you.

If you abbreviate something, please explain. Say things like, 'American Sign Language (ASL)' for those of us who don't know what ASL stands for.

If you include a picture, please describe it in words for those of us with impaired eyesight or impaired visual processing. Say things like 'Photo shows a woman eating soup from a bowl.'

We're in many different time zones so the World Time Server is useful.